Tasty… Sweet… Divine… Sugar crush! Are you familiar with those phrases? If you are into facebook then I’m sure you have heard of it. Candy Crush Saga is the popular game today in Smartphone and Facebook which was launched last November 14 of 2012. As of this year, Candy Crush Saga has beat Farmville 2 as the most popular game on Facebook and everyone can attest to that.

About Candy Crush Level 130

Candy Crush Level 130

Playing Candy Crush level 130 has been a person’s pastime whenever he’s not busy at work or he got bored at home. This game is so addictive and everyone can never get tired of it because every level of candy crush is a challenge that a player must surpass. And we do love challenges so everyone loves candy crush saga. There is a slight problem though, moves are limited and can’t easily proceed in the next level.

How to play Candy Crush Level 130?

Well, it is easy – at first.

The game is all about matching the same candy color at least three causing the candies to collapse and followed by a chain reaction with the candies above. There are different game boards every level and the player must meet the game’s objective before running out of moves and of course the player must at least get one star out of three stars in order to proceed into the next level, failed to do so the player will have to start the level all over again.

Candy Crush level 130 became an exciting game because it has five different levels namely:

  • Moves: the player must meet the minimum score of the game before he runs out of moves
  • Jelly: the most challenging level, the player must uncover the candies from the jelly before he runs out the set of moves given to him
  • Ingredients: the player must bring down the required number of cherries and hazelnuts by clearing the candies beneath it.
  • Time limit: the most common level but the most challenging one. The player must at least get one star before his moves run out.

    Knowabout Candy Crush Level 130

    Candy Crush Level 130

What makes this game attractive is because of the special candies created once four or more candies are matched together. Special candies consist of: Striped Candy, wrapper candy, color bomb, jelly fish and coconut wheel. This game can help the player to enhance his logical and analytical thinking, not to mention his patience.

Why Candy Crush Saga Hack is needed?

Well, it’s obvious that every game is getting harder as it progress and there will come a time that the player will be trapped on a level or two as he runs out of life. This is where Candy Crush Saga Hack steps in.

Candy Crush level 130 will give the player the cheat to instant access into all levels of the game even without finishing his current level. He will have the chance to experience all Candy Crush’s levels without worrying finishing each level to proceed in the next one. Let us all crush that candy!